150/ 110 and my Mast Cells

150/110Hi Guys,

Since my last post I have had another episode which was not as bad except I ended up having a cold and found it hard to breathe so I went to hospital toget it looked at by ended up having an anaphylaxis reaction. So my 57 Billion Mast Cells decided to create a war on each other. Do you know how hard it is to control 200 mast cells let alone 57 Billion all wanting to attack attack. Just like good little solders, each one will do as they are ordered.

I was so glad when arriving at the hospital my doctor was at the hospital. Its such a relief as I did not have to explain what I have, what I ate, what my medications are. She said I. You come Tracy. Then after doing my vitals instructing staff to administer medications, an IV fluids and Tryase blood test.

Been able to take the added stress away from arriving at the ED, with the smooth process to being seen and medications given, greatly improved my speedy release from the hospital. My body still had to work hard at trying not to attack each other. My symptoms were breathing issues, chest pain, high BP, naesea, headache, numb face, voice changes, clearing my throat.

My eldest child took me to hospital this time, usually she comes in after the event when I am either home or on the ward. She was a great support but you could see she was not liking being there and mum has always been the one of strength, protection, nurturing and loving. Today was her turn to do this. She also called for back up to.

As this was only a medium level of an attack I was not as worried, but this time my body was  sensitive to the needles and blood pressure cuff. I tried not to wince in pain when either of these were done.

I always what ever I am feeling try to talk to my support crew and staff. Try to smile, and appreciate the staff keeping my body alive. And all the time I am repeating a mantra to my body.” I am safe, i am being well looked after, my body is in a peaceful state, my mast cell will return to normal. Thank you. ” I have been told many times that I am so good when I am in the middle of a reaction. I know that my body needs to relax for me to go home. I am also trying to be strong. I know when my monitor beeps that my levels are changing or crashing. I always look or ask what my BP and other vitals are. 150/110BP.

The blood pressure cuff was way to tight this time and I told the staff. I can feel the looks around the room at this. After being in the ED for 25 times for reactions you have to sort of get used to being in a fish pond and everyone watching you for the first 1hrs in 5-15 min intervals.  Another injection of steroids is given. Finally my blood pressure starts to go down. My normal BP is 100/65. This is a good sign. I am so glad my body continued to go back to normal. After 4 hrs I was allowed to go home. I was so glad as my last visit I stayed 2 days. Not my finest hour.

Our family relaxes into the usual routine again, mum is home. Today is day 21 on the road to pure raw organic mind body and soul.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Bye for now guys.