Aromatherapy or Aromachology


Aromachology studies the effect of aroma upon human psychology. Specific scents stimulate the olfactory pathways in the brain and can sub-consciously induce feelings of reassurance, confidence, relaxation, happiness and well-being, amongst other emotions. It is said to differ from Aromatherapy, which is associated with the use of essential oils to enhance wellbeing in a physical way however aromatherapy for mental health and wellbeing and quality of life in challenging circumstances forms the larger part of professional aromatherapy.

I have been using both the Aromatherapy & Aromachology in our home lately.

  • We have Outback Aromas candles to light our way, Essential oils to – e.g. energising, confidence boosting
  • Lavender & Jasmine washing powder to help with keeping calm and create sleep at night.
  • Chamomile – Tea for any time with a friend
  • Eating healthy with plenty of fruit, vegetables & water.
  • Soy Shots to smell at any time for connections with fragrance and memory.

It’s helped our family to achieve some healing in the home. Give it a go if you need to unwind.

Some of Outback Aromas Essential Oil candle range

Butterfly Petals
Butterfly Wings
Butterfly Zing
Rose D’lite
Sage Sweet grass Cedar
Sandalwood & Jaz
Sandalwood & Lime
Tranquil Dawn
Headche Relief


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