Back to school

Hi Guys,

Well it back to school for many children tomorrow. My 2 are looking forward to socialising with all their friends again. Me, I am looking forward to the having a routine and the kitchen cupboard being closed for more than 15mins. Growing teenagers are always hungry. LOL

On the agenda for Outback Aromas this week is 2 Weeks of Love products, hints and ideas for your loved ones. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Show your loves one show you feel. Be it your partner, Mum,Dad or best friend show them that you care. Heart soaps, Heart tea light holders, Heart Votive holders and flowers.

Rainbow believers!

Rainbow believers!t

Back to school means that we will now have classes for Mum’s & Dad’s to relax and unwind. Outback Aromas will have Soap, Hand Cream and lip balm classes available all through the year. Gift vouchers are also available. Brighten up your day with a creation of your very own and aromas to uplift the soul. Ask us how to book into a class.

Another exciting event in the Outback Aromas workshop is our Travel packs are just about ready to be sent out into the world to uplift, enhance the outback bush  and the art of aromas. We have Shampoo, Conditioners, Hand Cream, Lip Balm, Rollon, Shower gel, Body Cream, Goat’s Milk soap & Liquid Goat’s Milk soap. All coming to a travel stop to you soon.





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