Big pot of gold – Knowledge

Rainbow believers!

Rainbow believers!Just wanted to chat about all of the wealth of knowledge all of us have and experience from life.

I get many people saying that they couldn’t do what I am, being a business woman and making my own destiny.

We I say yes you can. We all have lots of interesting things going on in our lives. What are you good at?????

Tap into your qualities and because of the internet you can start a business anywhere. Believe me it will take a while. But take the time and plan your dream job, lifestyle or holiday. Send an email to yourself about what you want to create. Are you good at crafts, painting, writing, building, inventing, cooking etc. There will be times when there are little bumps in the road, I know as I have had many that have made me pull my hair out and want to give up. But don’t. Enjoy the highs and lows of the journey.

“A journey of 1,000 miles must begin with one step.”

Sometimes just as you give up the universe is about to give you all that you have worked hard for. The knowledge in your head is a big pot of gold just wanting to come out. Let the rainbow shine on you and achieve your own greatness.

People will try to stop you, put you down or ignore you. Let them they are the ones that will miss out. The amount of people who have told me that I am crazy to not have a shop front back 5 years ago. I stuck with my guns and have a business that thrives on online and offline sales all over the world. I do look after my  clients but why not spread the love of your business around the world and share the knowledge with other to enrich their lives.

Believe in yourself and take on the challenge with you knowledge, flourish and shine.

If you would like to hear more email: for a booking in our Rainbow believers! workshops.

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