Spring has sprung

Hi Guys,

Well Spring has definitely sprung with the sun out today and shining. Plenty of birds & butterflies flying around in the front yard. I am enjoying a pot of Japanese Morning Dew Green Tea which is made of Rose, Lavender, Calendula, Green tea leaves. I have also been in a spring cleaning mode with cleaning the bathroom with our own range of Essential oil base made cleaning products. With twists of Lemon, Lime, Peppermint and Cedarwood. Our house smells wonderful. I have a friend who always says your house smells so good all of the time. It’s all about the Essential oils. A have a few to choose from.

Essential oils 008

What Essential oils do you use?
I use them all in the many household items. Lavender & Rose in our sheets, Eucalyptus in the washing machine, Orange & lime in the Vacuum cleaner, all of the oils in the oil burners depending on the mood. Lemon & Lime on the cutting boards after using them.
Our Aromatic Inhalers have been really popular too. Our Breathe Easy especially. Uplift and bring you into a clear conscience state, easy for anything. I am working on a blend to help hay fever too.
Well that all for now off to create some more. Be Happy enjoy your aromas.

Bye Tracy & Outback Aromas
Inspiring Aromatic Fun.

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Wanted new positive events in our lives

HI Guys,

Our wanted to new homes for Soap Cup Cakes must be working as we are packaging up some of the cup cakes and they are off to new homes.

Soap Cup Cakes

Soap Cup Cakes

Our workshop smells like a bakery at the moment too. LOL.

I was out getting suppiles yesterday and was asked whos birthday it was as I must be busy making the cakes, I did say I was but not the type your expecting. When I said soap they just said why did you not just say soap. If I had they would have thought of a bar of soap. We all had a good laugh about that conversation. I have them now interested in my “Soap” Cup cakes. So no I say thank you to the wonderful laugh I had yesterday.

Talking about being thankful, I have a freind who has decorated jars for me to place positive, graditude quotes of each day.

So today is day 1 (I have a few to put out there, I know how did I get a few???)

Day 1:

  • Thankful for a good laugh in one of our local shops. Thank you
  • An service a business provides made sure we were happy when we left and I had a smile on my face. Thank you
  • A wonderful friend lent a shoulder to use to chat about my girl going out to the big wide world. Thank you
  • Also my wonderful friend who decorated my jars for my Thank you :). I wonder what will happen today?

Be thankful for many little things in your life

See you next time.

Tracy & O’Donnell Crew



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The new year 2014



HI Guys,

This is my crazy daughter she thinks that the cup cakes are as good to eat. She should know with her famous Rainbow cup cakes she makes.

Rainbow Cup Cakes

Rainbow Cup Cakes

So what do you think? Do my cup cakes look good enough to each too? But please don’t. LOL Our Cup Cakes are made with a soap base & foaming bath butter with lashings of flavours and colour with a light dust of fairy dust.

Bath bombs and Valentine Heart & Roses soaps being created this week too.

Soap Cup Cakes

Soap Cup Cakes

I must admit that I love getting back into the swing of creating gifts for others.

Look out for new and improved favourites coming to a post near you.

  • Bubble Bars
  • Whipped Body Butter
  • Foot Salt Scrubs
  • Leg Gel
  • Sugar Scrubs
  • Our Goat’s milk soaps are still one of our favourite best sellers. Can be made into 50g, 120g or custom made.

Our Aromatic Inhalers have been a complete hit and have been travelling around the different stats of Australia. We have created a new one for the hay fever or summer colds. Breeze Easy – Eucalyptus-Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender & Black Pepper.

Well the workshop has begun being in its new home and I am just tweaking how I will have it all set up. Soon you will be able to come out and be part of workshops creating products and inspiring the mind body & soul and maybe a whole lot of laughing. Stay tuned for March.

I would like to let you know that in the New Year I will be on the road again to many places spreading the love of what I do and sharing the love.

If you have any ideas as to what you would like us to create please email : tracy@outbackaromas.com

Till next time

Bye for now

Thanks for stopping by.

Tracy & the O’Donnell gang.




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Essential Oil Intro

Winter time a time for nourishing the mind body & soul.                                                 Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.

*|Outback Aromas News|*

Welcome to our news with Outback Aromas. With the winter months ahead of us we need to nourish the body and the mind.

  • Essential oil Soy candles to set the mood – Energy, Headache Relief, Awakening & Sensual.
  • 100% Pure Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils, are a divine indulgence that everyone can enjoy available on website
  • Aromas beads to re-energies and release aromas around your home.
  • Mango Avocado Balm for knees, elbows.
  • Lip balm to rehydrate your lips from being in and around heaters.
  • Goat’s Milk Soaps for delicate bodies.
  • I Need Sleep Now Essential Oil Recipe: Aromahead.com

    by Andrea Butje on July 10, 2013

    Essential oil recipes for sleep

    We all love to sleep well. This bath salts recipe can really help! It’s one of my favorite essential oil recipes for sleep.

    I have a lot of essential oil recipes for sleep, and I especially love this one in pink bath salts. But you can use any natural salt you like.

    1 drop Neroli essential oil (Citrus aurantium var. amara) 3 drops Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) 1 drop Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis) 2 oz pink Himalayan salt

    This recipe is just the right amount for one bath, but you can easily make a larger amount and store it in a glass jar for future baths.

    If you don’t like to take baths or don’t have a bath tub, this same blend can be used in 2 oz of lotion and applied to your back and shoulders right before bed. Another idea is to use the same recipe (minus the salt) in a spray bottle of water for your linens.



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Essential Oils Soy Candles

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  • Headache Relief
  • Sensual

Available in 25hrs, 50hrs, 70hrs, Tea lights & Melts

Foot Spa

Introducing Aromas Beads

Aromatic beads of essentail oils in a container to fill a room with Outback Aromas Blends to help with Energy, Uplifting thoughts or Headache Relief.
Aroma beads will hold up to 40% of their weight of fragrance oil or Essential Oils.
Scent Throw: Remember, all air fresheners, including aroma beads, throw scent by circulation of air. Air and/or heat flow are what make the scent permeate into the room. Aroma beads need to be placed in an open container or sachet made from thin material so the air can circulate to allow the fragrance flow. The beads need to be shaken or stirred every now and then to refresh them and release the scent. Setting a sachet in front of an air vent in your house or vehicle will help circulate the fragrance and give an awesome aroma where used.


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Hi Guys,

Well I am starting to feel the refreshing feel of my old self back. My business mind is ticking louder so now I can hear it.  As you know i have not been running on all cylinders. I went to a women’s luncheon yesterday and was thinking I am going to be around all these inspirational people and listen. I found myself having a chat to a few ladies and giving them confidence to go out in the world and shine, like the rainbows they all are.

Why do we as women talk ourselves down and say i cant or i dont have enough confidence, it just what I do. As a female (And yes some males can do the same) we run a household, hold down jobs, careers, cook, round trips to 2 -6 sports a week, talk to teachers, look after the kids when they are sick or down. What do you have on your resume????

Mom Resume

Objective: Obtain a position where I can utilize the diverse skills obtained in the fast-paced world of parenting.
Experience: Waste-Management Consultant – Dispose of more remains than Tony Soprano, including one-legged action figures and the art projects that “mysteriously” disappear in the middle of the night.
Engineer (Practically) earned an advance degree in toy assembly. Successfully completed the final project: assembling a ride-on pony at 2 am on Christmas.
Detective – Solved hundreds of cases, including “the Mysterious Brown Stain on the Carpet” and “Who’s Been Eating Mommy’s Favorite Cookies?”. Hope to crack the case “The Midnight Appearance of the Toddler Dressed in Inside-Out and Upside-Down pajamas”.
Singer – Entertain small and large crowds with a diverse repertoire, ranging from the Blue’s Clues theme song to the Rolling Stone’s (Can’t get No) Satisfaction”.
Technician – Quickly, and with very little swearing, extract Lego’s from the DVD player and pick pennies from between computer keys.
Food Scientist – Create well-balanced meals in which no item touches another, and instantaneously turn “peas” into “magic green grow pellets”.
Actor – Realistically convey enthusiasm for up to three consecutive games of Go Fish. Emmy worthy performances include “Good Job on the Potty” and “Mommy’s Not Mad, She Just Needs a Time-Out”.
Coach – Lead my team to many success, including sharing for longer than seven seconds.
Skills: Handling demanding bosses Tracking down lost blankets Distracting hungry clients with only a set of keys and a travel pack of tissues
Awards: The Butterfly Kiss Award, the “I Wuv U” prize and the coveted “Mommy, You’re the Best” Honor
References: Please contact two happy, healthy kids and one (mostly) satisfied husband.

Posted by The Fritz Facts
So if you can do all of these things and still think straight then I think you are doing fantastic and never talk yourself down. You are an amazing person and if you have the desire  to go out there and live you dream, then dream big. My passion for the business has been put on hold for a little while but I am starting to climb my mountain again raise that flag at the top. I will get to the top and no matter what happening in my life (maybe a few detours, roundabouts x 6 and left turns) but I am an amazing person who has a light that will shine on all I see. Believe in yourself. Thank you have a great day till next time.
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