Scented Nails Parties

Hi Guys,
Well its been another busy week with many new creations in the workshop.
Scented Nails has been officially added to the new range after the success of the birthday party last week.
15 young ladies went home with their goodies and have been talking up the town about Outback Aromas.
I have decided that we will hold pamper parties for 6-99 yrs olds. We (Outback Aromas) will come to your parties and entertain your guests with Body butter, Lip gloss, Soap making. We also now stock Party bags for your guests with these products, if you just want the goodies if your time poor or just need the goodies, as we all like to pamper ourselves.

Until the end of October your can get the 6 colours in the range for $20 after that they will be $28 for the set.

I have been working on the pamper packs, this includes:
1 x Loofah
1 x Scented nail polish jar
1 x guest soap
1 x Lip gloss
1 x Nail brush
1 x Tea light
1 x Bath bomb

These will be listed this week and ready for sale on the 30 October.
Our new range of Bath Bombs are ready to go too.
Rose & Lavender
Blue Gum
Peppermint for feet
Sex on the beach

Our gift hampers will be ready to roll from the 30 October full of all our Outback goodies.
Stay tuned till next time 30 October
Thank you
Tracy & Outback Aromas

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Happy 8th Birthday Outback Aromas

Happy Birthday to Outback Aromas.
What a roller coaster it’s been. I started this journey (Tracy O’Donnell, if you did not know who I was) I quit my Government job in the middle of the GFC and built a lifestyle for my children and survived to this day. I had a mortgage and 2 kids to look after. If the Passion & drive is there anything can happen. Build your wings on the way down and shine.
I was a single mum that wanted to do more than my full time job had a 4 & 6 year old children to care for and nurture. Little did I know that I would nurture my children in a whole new world and they have thrived and become beautiful loving caring intelligent young people of this planet.
Right back to the story, I would pack up “Jaffa” our little car with goodies and travel around the countryside with my girls packed in the middle. From this I did see a niche in the market and decide to crave my own road with whatever the obstacle was in my way. I have learnt to climb, fall, dust myself off and look at all types of critics and take on board all the wonderful praise that has come our way.
My creations have travelled the world from Ireland, England, Sri Lanka, Italy, New Zealand and all parts of Australia. I have being able to met the most inspiring people on the way and learnt that if you put yourself out on the ledge and take the leap of faith you will find your wings on the way down but also on the way (if you allow they) people will help you along the way.
People call me fearless and sometimes I do do bold things but I too do have times of oh my did I just do that. Anyone that knows me that I have a wicked sense of humour & a big laugh. I also have leant to laugh at you even when life is throwing the punches that just seem too hard to get up from. My ability to get and enjoy life is one of my talents, which I can thrive on.
When I started my little hobby that became a business and now a lifestyle. I joined a league of women that came out into the world and some men of the business world have started to take notice of. I did the same in the Fire brigade. I took on the boys and did my share of work to earn my place as a fiery, not an easy thing to do. My biggest compliment came from one of our highly experienced Captains of a few years ago. “Hey girlie you will do and I will fight a fire with you any day”. This was after 4yrs in the VFRS.

My Nan always told me that I could be anything and it did not matter that I was a female. I don’t think she thought I would really take her words so true fully. I was able to honour her memory with our Memorial candles which have brought comfort to many through losing someone. As far as fun memorial candles go I loved creating lanterns for a family in NSW. 8 lanterns made their way to the family all packed in popcorn to celebrate the young man’s life. The family was so surprised but loved the idea. The lanterns continued to be a light all the way up the ocean cliff near where they lived. Being part of this little journey with this young teenager was an honour. Thank you.

I have endeavored to help many people. I have be able to be part of many events with Lifeline, The Global Good Foundation, The Angel Network, Wheatbelt Business Network, Small Business Awrads, Small Business Centre Cental Wheatbelt, Merredin Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Merredin Community and the many committees I have been on over the years. I will continue to strive and bring a smile to people through Creative Inspired Fun with Outback Aromas.

My new look and range of products will soon be all reveled. One thing I have learnt about my journey is to share it and listen to others. As I look more into my Life Coaching ventures I hope that I have helped someone that is feeling down and now is able to smile. Life does throw you many curves, but just like the Ice bucket challenges’ don’t give up pick up the towel, dry off & Shine.
Bye for now
Time to create more.
Tracy & Outback Aromas
PS: We are having 28 days of giveaways’ stay tuned.

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Soaps on the menu today

sand candle 003Hi
Hi Everyone,

Well I am busy creating soaps today for the Fathers day, Outback Aromas Birthday Bash and just becasue its fun to do. I havent done these types of soaps for sometime so I am loving getting back into the fun and games of creating.
We will be having a celebration month starting in the middle of August for Outback Aromas as we hit a milestone in the business.
I have been looking at where we started what we have achieved and where are we going now with our products and our incredible journery through life.
I was talking to both my girls and discussing what they first remember of their crazy mum packing them in the car, making sure they were safe & sound. Then I would pack all my goodies around them. It all started beause my eldest was allergic to many products. I now make her own prducts without nasties and sometimes no colour depending on her style. Shes a teenager now and meeting the requirements of both of my teenagers daughters can be fun sometimes.
My girls have been able to apply these have a go attitude with all that they are achieving in life now.
“Sometimes you have to just take the leap and build your wings on the way down.”
Well this is not getting the soaps created till next time. See you all soon.
Spread the love of Outback Aromas.
Tracy & Crew x

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AGM 2014 101






HI Guys,

Its been awhile since I have written a post life is just so busy. I have been buy creating new products and need people to starting testing them. So I have called for samplers. I am very happy with the response so far and looking forward to tweaking Outback Aromas products and spreading the love of good quality products to the world.

Other new products are our soap line which will be able to be ordered in the middle of August. I have loved creating agin and remoulding the new & improved Outabck Aromas.

New Beeswax candles & Ice Candles will soon be in the new line too.

Our M & P soap classes will start this week at the In 2 Quilting and craft, Barrack St Merredin WA. Starting at 9am to 12. $30 a head. please email or 0408396916.

Many more great ieads coming up soon for you to start shopping for Christmas or just some gift ideas.

Bye for Now

Tracy & The Outback Aromas Family.




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HI Guys,

I have loved creating soaps again and having a ball. We had friends over the other day and they said that they loved coming to our home, as the aromas and scents in the home are wonderful. Our home is filled with Sandalwood, Chocolate, Ginger, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon grass, Orange, Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, Tangerine and many more. Besides creating and blend aromas together I love to put on candles all around the home and creating a warm welcoming feeling. The candles are always in safe places as we have little people visiting quite often. Building a place of tranquility has been my gift to my family and friends. So the story goes look out I am now on the trail the create more lotions and potions with many soaps & candles along the way. We have soap classes coming up in August. so let the creating begin for all. Well bye for now Till next time maybe tomorrow.   🙂 Tracy

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