Klout – What does this mean to you?






HI Guys,

I have been working out what Klout means. To me in the business world it means what influence you have on your customers in the social media and on- line world. I started my journey as a business woman in August 2006, when I decided that I was going into business from home. I did not want a conventional shop front, I wanted a website. I want to reach the whole world without leaving my home town and am here for my 2 children. As my children are influenced by what I do every day I wanted to set the standard high and maintain my Klout or influence on them and their peers. I have spent many hours in front of a computer learning the art of putting together a website. I still have many things to learn and tweaking the site is also what we have to do in our everyday lives.




E- Sensual Women’s Day


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Public Speaking

Welcome to another blog,

Well I am back from my Gold Coast adventure where I learnt the art of Public speaking with a very high intensive workshop with Shift Speaker Training.

I have learnt to expand my mind and embrace all of the achievements that I have over come in my life time. I also met many amazing people that have changed many people with the power of their words to help them achieve their own greatness.

Passion is a wonderful thing; it can bring you love and contentment. A drive to commit to your clients, customers and impact on their lives in a profound way or show others how much you have to give to others. My passion is to create a feeling as you enter a room with flavours of the universe to evoke an experience that is divine and memorial from start to finish. Remember when you walked into a lolly shop and all the flavours of the rainbow hit you and your senses with a wow. Outback Aromas wants you to visualise the colours, aromas, butterflies in your stomach or just to make you hungry. From Toffee apples, to baked Apple and Cinnamon to Tropical Coconut Islands or Milky swirls of coffee and Vanilla Bean. Or if you like more woody Sandalwood and Lavender to tame the beast in your senses and calm the spirit.

Aromachology – “study the interrelationship of psychology and the latest in fragrance technology and to transmit through aromas in a variety of specific feelings (such as relaxation, exhilaration, sensuality, happiness and achievement) directly to the brain.”

I finally found a reason why I can enter a room and pick up everyone’s aromas, auras. I have been studying the art of the senses through my visualisation by aromas for years.

At the Speaker Training event, I met an amazing lady that was wearing Lemon Grass and Patchouli. I knew she was in the room before I saw her as I was on the other side of 150 people. She was a vision of light, bright happiness, colour and wonderful aromas. She had this amazing presence and even wrote her notes in pinks, oranges and blues. I was drawn to her every day of the event. I had just been speaking to her when the session started again, with that in mind we had a competition going and her name was drawn out. Her energy enters the stage and lit up the room with her whole essence and presence. Isn’t amazing what an aromas and a big smile can bring too many.

Bring on the aromas to enhance your presence today. Believe in your own essence and spread the joy to the world through your words of wisdom.

Thank you

Tracy O’Donnell

Outback Aromas CEO








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