Warm or cold diffusers?

Sonic differs

Sonic differs

JUNE 22, 2015

A discussion has sparked over the differences and benefits of a cold-mist ultrasonic vaporiser versus a warm-mist. The distinction between the two lies within the type of vapour they emit, as the cold-air vapour is produced by the vibrations of water to create the cool mist (ultrasonic technology). Conversely, the warm-air vaporiser involves the heating of water until it reaches boiling point to create a warm steam. Both types serve the function of producing moisture in the air and in turn, assisting in the alleviation of symptoms accompanying allergies, asthma, colds and flu. When choosing to purchase a vaporiser, the benefits of each type must be weighed up against one another to determine which one will benefit your family the most.

Naturally, the fundamental benefit of the cold-air ultrasonic vaporiser is the lack of heating element. There is the risk of children and babies being burnt if they stray too close to a warm-air vaporiser as it is contains hot water, and hence reduces the safety factor.

Secondly, the ultrasonic vaporiser does not cause condensation, and thus does not lead to the formation of mould/bacteria. The heating element of warm-mist vaporisers creates condensation which can potentially becoming a breeding ground for mould and other bacteria if there is a lack of ventilation in the room. There has been media controversy recently surrounding the dangers mould can pose to your health without even being aware that it is present. Adverse health effects include asthma, bronchitis, cold and flu-like symptoms and hay fever, which hence counter-acts the function of a vaporiser (Nicole Bijlsma, Body + Soul May 2015). An ultrasonic vaporiser does not pose this potential hazard due to the absence of the heating element.

As a result of the benefits supplied by cold-air ultrasonic vaporisers, they are becoming more popular for use within the home and around children. They are devoid of the safety risks which warm-mist vaporisers present, and generally benefit the health and wellbeing of every family member.

Here are the health/safety benefits of the multi-functional ultrasonic vaporiser:

Air Purifier
Aroma Diffuser
Night Lamp
Experience essential oils in their purist form
Automatic safety switch off
Visit in-a-box.com.au for more information on the Ultrasonic Vaporiser!


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Easter Championships

Everyone loves the idea of being a Fire Fighter.

Everyone loves the idea of being a Fire Fighter.

Hi Guys,

I hope you all had a great time over the Easter break. I spent the weekend with many people from all over the state competing in the WA Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services Association Championships at Gilbert Fraser Oval in Fremantle. I worked in the merchandise tent and was able to talk to people as they purchased the Association products. I love hearing the stories from all of the state as to what they do, what they came in some of the events and just a general chat. This is the country way, having a chat. Its the one time all of the brigades all over the state are together to compete, talk, laugh and socialise. At the end of each day they all come together as one and create a big tent full of chatter, laughter, smiles and even shirt swapping at the end of the comp. These volunteers are proud of where they come from and love to share the love of their brigade and the running competition.

I had one lady come into the tent and ask what all these handsome fire fighters were doing here. I gave her a run downm of the events of the day. She then rang all 3 of her flat mates to come down and watch what was going on. They were from Ireland and loved the day. Sharing the culture of the volunteers was shared again. It’s infectious and seeing other teams lending a hand to others teams if one was injuried or only had 5 runners and needed 6. Or if the brigade needed encouragement down the track if someting went wrong with the run. Helping out a mate is a big part of what the brigades do all year around with Fires, Road accidents etc. Using their energy to compete, race and be recogised for outstanding on the day is a huge lift to many. I am proud of where I come from and look forward to the next Easter in 2014. Thank you

.Merredin BrigadeRunning Cart

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The Benefit of Herbs posted on Oct 17, 2008 Herbal medicine is an ancient and traditional practice, used in many Eastern and Western countries. In many cultures it is part of main stream living and it is the preferred source of alleviating and preventing dis-ease. For many years the medicinal properties of plants have been documented and used worldwide. There is a vast range of herbs throughout the world, they vary from area to area, and their growth and cultivation depends on the local ecosystem. The healing properties of herbs are dependent on their active constituents. Different herbs contain different constituents, and they are what determine the beneficial uses and applications of each herb. Once the healing property of the herb is identified, different extraction methods are used to obtain these constituents. Here at New Directions, we use herbs that are manufactured using a delicate extraction process known as, Cold Percolation. It is a process which requires attention to detail, so that the finished product, known as the extract, is of high quality, ensuring that you, the customer, are obtaining the maximum healing benefits of the herb. One of the unique characteristics of herbs is that they are able to work on the whole being as an integrated system, hence the name ‘Holistic’. It is common for one herb to have several therapeutic actions. This multiple action exists because of the complexity of the herbs chemistry. It is not uncommon for a herb to have a primary action and several secondary and tertiary actions that all benefit our health and well being. An example of this is Calendula officinalis, a common herb found in many gardens. Calendula officinalis also known as Marigold is a herb primarily indicated for assisting wounds to heal. Its other traditional uses include; alleviating indigestion and promoting the flow of bile. What are some uses for herbs in cosmetic preparations? Some modern uses of herbs include incorporating their healing properties in cosmetic preparations. They have been used in a variety of topical applications including; • Ointments • Creams • Compresses- a liquid extract is used when making a compress. • Poultices- the dry herb is used when making a poultice. • Liniments- a liquid extract or herb oil is used when making a liniment to massage into the skin. • Oils- try our infused herbal oils. At New Directions we sell a variety of cosmetic bases, ranging from skincare, hair products and for those who are more experimental, raw materials to allow you to experiment and come up with your own individual product.



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Wheatbelt Travels


Body Butter class

Hi Guys,

Hope your all having a wonderful day and getting ready for the well deserved break over Christmas.

I know we will be spreading the love around the Wheatbelt in the next 3 weeks.

Outback Aromas has workshops in Kalannie, Bencubbin, Narembeen, and Kellerberrin & Merredin. Creating Soaps, Lip Balms, Hand Creams & Bath Bombs.

We love travelling the many km to meet and greet many people. There is nothing better than getting a group of people together, to create goodies from raw materials. Many people are scared at the fact of putting fragrances, colours, cocoa butter, bees wax, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, preservatives in their hand and saying you are going to create products with the raw ingredients.

Our workshops are informative, fun and everyone has a lot of laughs. Students are amazed at what they learn about the products they make in the workshop compared to what they use at home. Informing the public and giving them a natural alternative is our aim with some fun along the way.

Our workshops are from the basic up to the advance range. Every student goes away with their creations and usually half way through the workshop you see people’s mind tick over and the creativity really takes over. I love giving the kids the basics of the class and watch the magic take over. With every workshop I  teach I leran something I did not know. As we are all inspirational human beings we can teach one another so much more.

A blend of aromas, colours and creativity go hand and hand in our workshops, it’s also a great way to socialise with others as you wait for a set stage of your product to move too and cure. All of our family also was feel up lifted and full of energy after each workshop. If we can spread a little joy this Christmas period and each student takes away a little part of our workshop fun and their goodies we are happy.

Fun in Workshops

Thank you to all

From Tracy & the Crew @ Outback Aromas.



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Trends of 2012

Have you found what your looking for in the crowd of people wanting Christmas gifts or are you just having a great time. Let us know how you are going and see if we can make a little room for you to breathe at Outback Aromas .

We can create, label, personalise, wrap and send gifts all over the world that smell devine or are good for the skin. Organic, natural and spiritually good for the soul.


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