Klout – What does this mean to you?






HI Guys,

I have been working out what Klout means. To me in the business world it means what influence you have on your customers in the social media and on- line world. I started my journey as a business woman in August 2006, when I decided that I was going into business from home. I did not want a conventional shop front, I wanted a website. I want to reach the whole world without leaving my home town and am here for my 2 children. As my children are influenced by what I do every day I wanted to set the standard high and maintain my Klout or influence on them and their peers. I have spent many hours in front of a computer learning the art of putting together a website. I still have many things to learn and tweaking the site is also what we have to do in our everyday lives.




E- Sensual Women’s Day


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Post Valentine’s Day

Passion Rose Soaps

Passion Rose Soaps

HI Guys,

How did you fair the Valentine’s battle of life??

Well mine started off well with a card and breakie, lunch and when the arvo came along we had a water problem that wasn’t in the pool. 16 Towels later we are all back to normal agin. The joys of life. Once that was sorted it was time to go to baskeball and watch my daughter. Had a nice meal with my partner then off home to a good movie, chocolate and icecream. Life is definately full of surprises. I hope that you did have a great day and someone in your whole day did make you smile and feel loved.


Well I have been busy creating new candles & soaps in the workshop today at Outback Aromas

PINK SUGAR – Notes of pink cotton candy, sweet lemon drops, raspberries, fig leaves, caramel, sicilian orange, Lily of the Valley and powdery vanilla musk!

BLUE SUGAR – Envision the sweetness of Pink Sugar, but with a clean, spicy, woodsy flair…
that’s Blue Sugar!

Pink & Blue Sugar both smell devine and to die for.

Available in candles, tea lights, shots and soaps.

Monkey Farts

By far our most asked for Fragrance is MONKEY FARTS – Yeah I know it still gives everyone a goggle as to the name and no I did not name it. It orgin comes from USA. Our ranmge is an Australia company that creates the fragrance.

This fruity combination of tropical banana, with a hint of coconut and grapefruit is anything but disgusting!

Well its Friday and just about knock off time. So Enjoy your weekend what every you are up too.


Thank you

Bye from Outback Aromas



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The ability to convert ideas
to things is the secret to outward success.
Henry Ward Beecher

HI Guys,

Fine dining outbackWell I have had a wonderful birthday and most of my family all came together with friends and had a wonderful time talking, eating and swimming in the pool. It’s been a bit hard going back to work even in my creativity workshop. I have been re-energised as far as the value of family and friends and how much they help you with your soul and love. Talking about love. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

I think I will watch my daughter play basketball then come home to a nice dinner as a family and eat it outside under the stars. Some yummy dessert and coffee, while still under the stars. Remeber to cherish your loved ones always and embrace the love of the universe and positive energy that it can bring you what you desire. Plan or plot out what you would like to achieve, write it down look at it everyday. Now visualise what it will look like – Does it have colours, what shape, what are you wearing, is it a house, car, person. I was asked to pick a number the other day and I said 864,032.55 everyone asked what that number means to me, I just said its special to me. What is something special too??

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Country & Internet

Hi Guys,

Internet & country






We have settled into our new home just out of town we have a had a few hick ups with the internet. I think we have got to the bottom of them, Yeah. The workshop is still in the same location, but you might need to contact me on 0408396916 or tracy@outbackaromas.com .

I still love the ability to communicate to someone on the other side of the world and share our products or just knowledge about each business or customer we talk too. So if you would like to chat about our products please drop us a line. If anyone know me I love to have a chat to anyone about many subjects. But specially products knowledge!

[catalog-product id=”2273″]

Outback Aromas crew has been busy in the workshop creating new and improved products. Specially to do with the month of Love with “Valentine’s Day”.

February has long been a month of romance. It is the month associated with  Valentine’s Day celebrations. We have, time and again, heard the name St. Valentine being uttered before us in this  season of love. But just who is this St. Valentine? The origin of this lovers day goes  back as early as 270 A.D and started with the clash between a kindly priest and  a mighty ruler.

If you would like to see many other gifts for your Valentine’s please browse our website.
Well that is all for today stay tuned for more info about Outback Aromas – Our classes will be  in the next post so stay tuned to see what we will be up too and see if you would like to book a class.

Bye Tracy & Outback Aromas





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Back to school

Hi Guys,

Well it back to school for many children tomorrow. My 2 are looking forward to socialising with all their friends again. Me, I am looking forward to the having a routine and the kitchen cupboard being closed for more than 15mins. Growing teenagers are always hungry. LOL

On the agenda for Outback Aromas this week is 2 Weeks of Love products, hints and ideas for your loved ones. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Show your loves one show you feel. Be it your partner, Mum,Dad or best friend show them that you care. Heart soaps, Heart tea light holders, Heart Votive holders and flowers.

Rainbow believers!

Rainbow believers!t

Back to school means that we will now have classes for Mum’s & Dad’s to relax and unwind. Outback Aromas will have Soap, Hand Cream and lip balm classes available all through the year. Gift vouchers are also available. Brighten up your day with a creation of your very own and aromas to uplift the soul. Ask us how to book into a class.

Another exciting event in the Outback Aromas workshop is our Travel packs are just about ready to be sent out into the world to uplift, enhance the outback bush  and the art of aromas. We have Shampoo, Conditioners, Hand Cream, Lip Balm, Rollon, Shower gel, Body Cream, Goat’s Milk soap & Liquid Goat’s Milk soap. All coming to a travel stop to you soon.





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