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Body Butter class

Hi Guys,

Hope your all having a wonderful day and getting ready for the well deserved break over Christmas.

I know we will be spreading the love around the Wheatbelt in the next 3 weeks.

Outback Aromas has workshops in Kalannie, Bencubbin, Narembeen, and Kellerberrin & Merredin. Creating Soaps, Lip Balms, Hand Creams & Bath Bombs.

We love travelling the many km to meet and greet many people. There is nothing better than getting a group of people together, to create goodies from raw materials. Many people are scared at the fact of putting fragrances, colours, cocoa butter, bees wax, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, preservatives in their hand and saying you are going to create products with the raw ingredients.

Our workshops are informative, fun and everyone has a lot of laughs. Students are amazed at what they learn about the products they make in the workshop compared to what they use at home. Informing the public and giving them a natural alternative is our aim with some fun along the way.

Our workshops are from the basic up to the advance range. Every student goes away with their creations and usually half way through the workshop you see people’s mind tick over and the creativity really takes over. I love giving the kids the basics of the class and watch the magic take over. With every workshop I  teach I leran something I did not know. As we are all inspirational human beings we can teach one another so much more.

A blend of aromas, colours and creativity go hand and hand in our workshops, it’s also a great way to socialise with others as you wait for a set stage of your product to move too and cure. All of our family also was feel up lifted and full of energy after each workshop. If we can spread a little joy this Christmas period and each student takes away a little part of our workshop fun and their goodies we are happy.

Fun in Workshops

Thank you to all

From Tracy & the Crew @ Outback Aromas.



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Guess who came to visit today???

Guess who came to visit today??

Our Outback Aromas baby has come to visit.

Our own little Boy Noah came to visit the workshop today. It so good when you get to cuddle our little man.

It was cuddles all around today, and he fills in many hours of nothing if we would let him. The joys of a baby in the workshop.

Tash has done a wonderful job with Noah and her visit’s with Noah are very appreciated.

It makes you appreciate the wonder of life when a baby is around. Up lifted the spirit in the workshop and when they left we had a burst of energy.

So Thank you to Noah please come again next month to help us get through the busy Christmas period.

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Big pot of gold – Knowledge

Rainbow believers!

Rainbow believers!Just wanted to chat about all of the wealth of knowledge all of us have and experience from life.

I get many people saying that they couldn’t do what I am, being a business woman and making my own destiny.

We I say yes you can. We all have lots of interesting things going on in our lives. What are you good at?????

Tap into your qualities and because of the internet you can start a business anywhere. Believe me it will take a while. But take the time and plan your dream job, lifestyle or holiday. Send an email to yourself about what you want to create. Are you good at crafts, painting, writing, building, inventing, cooking etc. There will be times when there are little bumps in the road, I know as I have had many that have made me pull my hair out and want to give up. But don’t. Enjoy the highs and lows of the journey.

“A journey of 1,000 miles must begin with one step.”

Sometimes just as you give up the universe is about to give you all that you have worked hard for. The knowledge in your head is a big pot of gold just wanting to come out. Let the rainbow shine on you and achieve your own greatness.

People will try to stop you, put you down or ignore you. Let them they are the ones that will miss out. The amount of people who have told me that I am crazy to not have a shop front back 5 years ago. I stuck with my guns and have a business that thrives on online and offline sales all over the world. I do look after my  clients but why not spread the love of your business around the world and share the knowledge with other to enrich their lives.

Believe in yourself and take on the challenge with you knowledge, flourish and shine.

If you would like to hear more email: tracy@outbackaromas.com for a booking in our Rainbow believers! workshops.

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Public Speaking

Welcome to another blog,

Well I am back from my Gold Coast adventure where I learnt the art of Public speaking with a very high intensive workshop with Shift Speaker Training.

I have learnt to expand my mind and embrace all of the achievements that I have over come in my life time. I also met many amazing people that have changed many people with the power of their words to help them achieve their own greatness.

Passion is a wonderful thing; it can bring you love and contentment. A drive to commit to your clients, customers and impact on their lives in a profound way or show others how much you have to give to others. My passion is to create a feeling as you enter a room with flavours of the universe to evoke an experience that is divine and memorial from start to finish. Remember when you walked into a lolly shop and all the flavours of the rainbow hit you and your senses with a wow. Outback Aromas wants you to visualise the colours, aromas, butterflies in your stomach or just to make you hungry. From Toffee apples, to baked Apple and Cinnamon to Tropical Coconut Islands or Milky swirls of coffee and Vanilla Bean. Or if you like more woody Sandalwood and Lavender to tame the beast in your senses and calm the spirit.

Aromachology – “study the interrelationship of psychology and the latest in fragrance technology and to transmit through aromas in a variety of specific feelings (such as relaxation, exhilaration, sensuality, happiness and achievement) directly to the brain.”

I finally found a reason why I can enter a room and pick up everyone’s aromas, auras. I have been studying the art of the senses through my visualisation by aromas for years.

At the Speaker Training event, I met an amazing lady that was wearing Lemon Grass and Patchouli. I knew she was in the room before I saw her as I was on the other side of 150 people. She was a vision of light, bright happiness, colour and wonderful aromas. She had this amazing presence and even wrote her notes in pinks, oranges and blues. I was drawn to her every day of the event. I had just been speaking to her when the session started again, with that in mind we had a competition going and her name was drawn out. Her energy enters the stage and lit up the room with her whole essence and presence. Isn’t amazing what an aromas and a big smile can bring too many.

Bring on the aromas to enhance your presence today. Believe in your own essence and spread the joy to the world through your words of wisdom.

Thank you

Tracy O’Donnell

Outback Aromas CEO








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Central Wheatbelt Business Awards











Outback Aromas and Tracy O’Donnell would like to thank our wonderful clients for the support and nomination which lead to us Winning the Home Base Business Award for the Central Wheatbelt from the Small Business Centre, Small Business Corporation and Wheatbelt Business Network. Thank you.



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