Outback Aromas Travels – 1

Myself & Outback Aromas have been travelling around as you all know for the past couple of weeks.

On Friday I went to the Parmelia Hilton for an Inspiring luncheon with Women in Focus and met some amazing like Lina Ashar from  Kangaroo Kids Preschool & Billabong High International School at Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd and Ming Johanson from Office & Training On The Go . Had a wonderful day with manager from the Merredin Small Business Centre.


Saturday was a day at home for the housework which we all love to do, it was a nice change for me LOL.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we were off on an early start to go to Fraser’s Restaurant for the Mother’s Day Luncheon with the Love Angels. Please read the article about them http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/13673934/love-angels-to-help-twins/

I had a wonderful time with my beautiful girls and shared Mother’s day with many other wonderful Mother’s and on the return trip we called into my Grandmother’s home and shared a cuppa with her. My Uncle arrived which I have not seen in a few years so the day was really great for me also.

A few days home and in the workshop to catch up with some work and check in with my staff member was all that could be done as we were on the road again on Wednesday to another Lunch at Il Cibo restaurant in Fremantle for the Angel Networking Australia . Where there was new members and wonderful chatter from all of the networking and the new food was a real hit too.

On the way home it was a small detour to my sisters place to drop off some Outback Aromas candles for her clothes swapping party on the weekend. As I did not want to return to early to Perth yet. LOL.



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Essential Oils for Winter

Winter Colds Help!

Lime is also useful for relieving congestion caused by cold and flu and can be used in winter remedies. It activates and stimulates the body whilst refreshing the mind. Externally applied, Lime Oil can cure infections on skin and in wounds and even protect from new infections.  It is effective in fighting other viral infections such as in case of flu, mumps, cough and cold, measles.  Apart from having the medicinal properties discussed above, it is anti depressant, anti arthritic, reduces pain of muscles and joints and is a very good anti oxidant.

Can be incorporated into soy candles, soaps and hand creams to help fight off the coughs and colds of the winter. Also used for After shave for men. Outback Aromas creates Soy candles, Tea lights, Soy Shots with our blend of Lime, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Neroli and Clary Sage. To help fight off the winter blues.
More delicious soy candles to choose from
BananaRama Just like a Banana Milkshake only like bananas!
Outback Aromas has a new range of fragrances for our candles: BananaRama  – aka: Monkey Farts Violet & Lime Apple White Tea & Berries Ocean Breeze Marshmallow By the Fire Samara Autumn Harvest






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