WA philanthropist Ros Worthington launched a fundraising campaign yesterday for the conjoined Balinese twins.

WA philanthropist Ros Worthington launched a fundraising campaign yesterday for the conjoined Balinese twins.

Money raised by the Baby Green Baby Blue Fund, which is supported by The West Australian, will be distributed through Dr Worthington’s charity, the Love Angel Foundation, to help the twin girls and their family.

Children from the charity kick-started the campaign with a pledge of $2500 at a Mother’s Day brunch at Fraser’s Restaurant in Kings Park.

“Today honours mothers around the world and, of course, in particular we’re now honouring the mum in Bali,” Dr Worthington said.

“We don’t know the fate of Baby Green and Baby Blue but we’re going to show that mother we are thinking of her and her children.”

Dr Worthington will meet the twins’ parents in Bali today.

The girls were born with their chests and abdomens fused together. It is unlikely both will survive.

The foundation aims to connect children with philanthropy and  already supports Bali Kids, which cares for orphans.

To donate to the Baby Green Baby Blue Fund, deposit money to the Love Angel Foundation – BSB 016498, account 369204724.

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Mothers and their daughters

Hello again from Outback Aromas,

Today I am going to talk to you about Mother’s & their Daughters. I have 2 beautiful daughters of my own, who are a delight and have kept me on my toes since the day their were born. Its interesting the see how they have become their own person through the sculpturing and nuturing that I have in stall in them. One is very sporty and the other is right into dancing and music. We have many days of running around, as most Mother’s would know,  going to sporting events to drop off one daughter then rushing off to a dance lesson, only to turn around and go back to pick up the other daughter. Then when you get home your tired and a bit grumpy but their is dinner, dishes, homework, washing for the next day, book work, planning for the business and the list goes one. But at the end of the day when both of my Daughter’s say” I love you Mum, your the best and I love you up to the moon and back”. Its all worth it. Being a Mother’s is a hard job and the job description really is way to long the really add to the resume. So I look forward to the  www.mothersdayluncheon.com on Mother’s day to share the day with my beautiful girls and enjoy the day without the running around. Watching other mums and daughters on this day will be wonderful. Also remembering the Mother that look after us up in Heaven too.

Being a Mum is really great, Thank you to my girls xxx.

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Mother Day – What does it mean to you????

Mother’s Day

Our Mother’s come into your world in many ways. Most of us have a mother that gives birth to us, but others are surrogate, adopted, step mother, foster mother, Aunts, Grandmothers. They all share their love for us in many ways. Teaching us how to sit, walk and talk, shelter us from the cold. Teach us right from wrong, to be strong and independent, use our manners at all times. How do you say thank you to a Mother that has taught you so much?

Make a card, cup of tea, breakfast in bed, hugs, and kisses, take her out to lunch or dinner, give her flowers from the garden or florist or give her a gift from Outback Aromas. Whatever you do to make your mother feel special, enjoy the day and remember what she has done for you.

I will be spending the day with my girls at a luncheon at Fraser’s restaurant with many other mums’ and their families. Enjoy your day.




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Workshops in April 2012

School holiday fun at the CRC

SCHOOL holidays are fast approaching and the Merredin Community Resource Centre (CRC) along with Outback Aromas will be running school holiday classes.

Classes will be held on April 19 from 10am-12pm and people will learn how to make their own lip balm and soap.

Outback Aromas is a family-owned and operated business located in Merredin and all products used are environmentally friendly and are created from a range of skin friendly bases.

Staff at the Merredin CRC said the classes were a fun, new and exciting way to keep children busy over the school holidays.

The lip balm class – three lip balms, soap class  two hours.costs $25

For bookings or further enquiries, contact the Merredin Community Resource Centre on 9041 1041 or email merredincrc@westnet.com.au

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Candle Facts

The Candle industry is growing; more so because of our society stressful lives and everyone wanting to be less stressed

GrapeNilla & Melon Crush from Outback Aromas helps to destress.

Candle purchasers view candles as an appropriate gift for the holidays (76%), house-warming gifts (74%), a hostess/dinner party gift (66%) a thank you gift (61%), adult birthday gift (58%).

Candle users say they most frequently burn candles in the living room (40%), by the kitchen (16%), and the bedroom (12%).

Thank you



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