The ability to convert ideas
to things is the secret to outward success.
Henry Ward Beecher

HI Guys,

Fine dining outbackWell I have had a wonderful birthday and most of my family all came together with friends and had a wonderful time talking, eating and swimming in the pool. It’s been a bit hard going back to work even in my creativity workshop. I have been re-energised as far as the value of family and friends and how much they help you with your soul and love. Talking about love. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

I think I will watch my daughter play basketball then come home to a nice dinner as a family and eat it outside under the stars. Some yummy dessert and coffee, while still under the stars. Remeber to cherish your loved ones always and embrace the love of the universe and positive energy that it can bring you what you desire. Plan or plot out what you would like to achieve, write it down look at it everyday. Now visualise what it will look like – Does it have colours, what shape, what are you wearing, is it a house, car, person. I was asked to pick a number the other day and I said 864,032.55 everyone asked what that number means to me, I just said its special to me. What is something special too??

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