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Tracy O’Donnell the owner of Outback Aromas, has shifted the business style to Event planning and weddings as we have all of the stock to plan your wedding or event and create the night of your dream. From the simple table settings to the extravagant soy candles & Bonbonerie.

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Flash Points of WAXES

Soy wax has a melt point of anywhere from 120-160 degrees.  Beeswax has a melt point of 158 degrees.  Palm wax have a melt point of 130 degrees and up.  Depending on the blend or additives added to the waxes the melt point can change, always check manufacturer labels for the exact melting point of your wax.

Are soy wax candles OK for vegans?

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Yes. There are no animal products in any of our products. They are all animal and cruelty free.

1: All of our candles are 100% Soy wax and hand poured right on the premise. Each one is created with love and passion and passed onto the customer. Soy wax comes from a process using soybean oil. Most soy candles are all in glassware and have a lower melting point than any other traditional waxes. Can be made into pillar candles when other waxes are added, but here at Outback Aromas we do not add any additives or toxins in our 100% soy candles.

2: Soy candles do not stand up or melt as pariffin, bees wax or palm candles. The soy candle need to burn for a minium of 1hour to pool the liquid wax. A correct made soy candle will melt across the glassware and return to the melting order again and again. Soy candles will burn till the last drop of wax, if the candle is not in a draft, been moved when lit or not in direct sunlight.

Outback Aromas use Australia post for all of our deliveries. Starting at $15. All parcels are registered post. Once payment is cleared then all orderes will be sent out. If all cleared by 2pm Western Australian time the parcel will be sent out on that day.

Refund and returns: All refunds and returns must be discussed in detail to the CEO, 3 days from the day of the parcel arriving –

How to get the best out of your Candles:

Trim the Wicks:

* Once the candle has been lit the best thing to do is before lighting it again, is to trim your wick at least 6mm & get rid of any wick debris.

Recommended to use: “Wick Trimmer with wick Measurer” for the best result.

Avoid Draughts:

* Candles burn still in still air but if you can’t avoid draughts, Be sure to rotate your candle periodically to avoid uneven burning. If a Candle is in a drafted area be sure to watch for smoking.

Candle Storage:

* Always keep Candles in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Putting Candles out:

* Use a Candle Snuffer to prevent wicks from drifting off-centre & to avoid wax splash. This also helps maximise the candles burn time.

Safety Tips: Candles

* Always remove wrapping before lighting candles.

* Do not position candles or fragranced products on or near the T.V cabinet or near electrical source or any heated source.

* Never leave a Candle unattended.

* Be sure not to move burning candles as wax could spill and serve burn.

* Always have a candle away from combustible material, due to heat of the flame.

* When Lighting a Candle always use a match or a Candle lighter, if you are using a match watch for match debris.

* Keep Candles out of reach of children.

* Always burn a candles in draft free areas.

* Don’t burn Candles completely discard them or get refills from Outback Aromas, once they have reached 2 cm from their bases.

Melts: Outback Aromas Melts are the most inventive and mess-free alternative by the use of an oil burner. They are simple to use and last for at least 8 hrs each. And we have the best value.

Tea lights: Outback Aromas Tea Lights are capable of last for up to 40 hour. This is between 8-9 hrs of pure enjoyment. There is 6 Tea lights in a pack.

Maxi Lights: Outback Aromas Maxi Lights are a great size to place into the bottom of large oil burners. They come in a pack of 4 and they are great value for your money.

Votive:Outback Aromas has a range of Glassware and they start from our votive which last for up to 20 hrs. The Votives are popular with our customised products option.

Baby Metro: OutbackAromas Baby Metro last for 35 hrs. Baby Metros are also one of the most popular Customised Candles.

Large Metro: Outback Aromas Large Metro has a burning time of 80 hrs.

Large Votive with a Lid:Outback Aromas Large Votive with a lid has a burning time of 80 hrs.

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