Easter Championships

Everyone loves the idea of being a Fire Fighter.

Everyone loves the idea of being a Fire Fighter.

Hi Guys,

I hope you all had a great time over the Easter break. I spent the weekend with many people from all over the state competing in the WA Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services Association Championships at Gilbert Fraser Oval in Fremantle. I worked in the merchandise tent and was able to talk to people as they purchased the Association products. I love hearing the stories from all of the state as to what they do, what they came in some of the events and just a general chat. This is the country way, having a chat. Its the one time all of the brigades all over the state are together to compete, talk, laugh and socialise. At the end of each day they all come together as one and create a big tent full of chatter, laughter, smiles and even shirt swapping at the end of the comp. These volunteers are proud of where they come from and love to share the love of their brigade and the running competition.

I had one lady come into the tent and ask what all these handsome fire fighters were doing here. I gave her a run downm of the events of the day. She then rang all 3 of her flat mates to come down and watch what was going on. They were from Ireland and loved the day. Sharing the culture of the volunteers was shared again. It’s infectious and seeing other teams lending a hand to others teams if one was injuried or only had 5 runners and needed 6. Or if the brigade needed encouragement down the track if someting went wrong with the run. Helping out a mate is a big part of what the brigades do all year around with Fires, Road accidents etc. Using their energy to compete, race and be recogised for outstanding on the day is a huge lift to many. I am proud of where I come from and look forward to the next Easter in 2014. Thank you

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