I’m back


Hi guys,

It’s been a long time. I have been on a journey, to discovery of the human body. For the past 15 months I have been struggling with anaphylaxis reactions, checked into the local hospitals around the area and getting to really know the staff. They have done amazing job with keeping my oxygen deprived body alive and breathing. Helping cope with the rashes, swelling, my sexy change in my voice, lol. Many of my friends think it’s funny when I start to talk like that but they all know that it’s a serious sign I need to go to hospital now. I have an allergist, dietician,¬†therapist and my dr in town.

My family and friends have been amazing, all working together to find an answer. My Facebook friends have waged my journey which lead me to creat FAB – Food Allergy Brunch page.

After the last attack 25 April 2016 @ 3pm ended 27 April 2016. I also had a biphasic anaphylaxis too ( another anaphylaxis that returns in 72 hrs) I was glad I wasn’t feeling well and the dr said I was to stay, lucky I did.

I already had an appontiment at a specialist in Perth on the following ¬†Wednesday. Which has lead me to a new journey of Mast Cell Activation Disorder and Mastocytosis. My mast cells in my body go into haywire when I eat, get hot, get stresses or just because they want to have a party. For me it’s not a party as it turns in brain fog and possibly an anaphylaxis. Anyway with a little bit of help with diet and medication I should be all good to go.

We are having team meetings to get Outback Aromas back on track with more herbs and natural products also some food recipes too on the horizon.

Stay tuned to the new and improved me. Thanks for listening.

bye Tracy & crew.