Salicylates in Bath & Body Products





Hi Guys,

Just thought I would have a chat to about what’s been going on with me. I have had a few allergy attacks and had to change the whole household to the way of eating. It’s been driving everyone crazy and had a few of my friends asking me how my “Air diet is going? The reason I am talking about it on my site is that Salicylate are in bath & body products as well as food. So I have started doing the research to change our products to suit me and many others who this type of sensitivity. Don’t worries the old favourite will still be available on our site.

Salicylates are chemicals that occur naturally in many plants – they’re a kind of natural pesticide – to protect the plants against insects and diseases.

What kinds of foods/products are they found in?

Salicylates are found in foods from plants: most fruit, some vegetables, herbs, spices, tea and flavour additives. For example, citrus fruit, berries, tomato sauce and mint flavouring are naturally high in salicylates and so are processed foods with those flavours.

Salicylates are also found in medications, fragrances, industrial chemicals, plastics and some pesticides, and can cause adverse effects when inhaled as well as eaten.

So I will endeavour to to change our products to suit many. So let the trials begin.

Our first products to be on the new rang will be soap. Our essential oils will be of the purest quality and organic certified. So lets start the party!