Soaps on the menu today

sand candle 003Hi
Hi Everyone,

Well I am busy creating soaps today for the Fathers day, Outback Aromas Birthday Bash and just becasue its fun to do. I havent done these types of soaps for sometime so I am loving getting back into the fun and games of creating.
We will be having a celebration month starting in the middle of August for Outback Aromas as we hit a milestone in the business.
I have been looking at where we started what we have achieved and where are we going now with our products and our incredible journery through life.
I was talking to both my girls and discussing what they first remember of their crazy mum packing them in the car, making sure they were safe & sound. Then I would pack all my goodies around them. It all started beause my eldest was allergic to many products. I now make her own prducts without nasties and sometimes no colour depending on her style. Shes a teenager now and meeting the requirements of both of my teenagers daughters can be fun sometimes.
My girls have been able to apply these have a go attitude with all that they are achieving in life now.
“Sometimes you have to just take the leap and build your wings on the way down.”
Well this is not getting the soaps created till next time. See you all soon.
Spread the love of Outback Aromas.
Tracy & Crew x