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Tracy O’Donnell

I was raised by my Grandparents & Dad. This taught me a lot about respect, home cooking, cuppa teas and living in a rural Wheatbelt town of Ardath. I went to a school that had 20 kids at the start of my schooling then closed in my 7th year with 8. I learnt how to play every school possible because we all had to play netball, cricket, football, volleyball etc or no one could. We were like a big family.

I learnt to cook with my Nan, creating new recipes with what we had left in the cupboard. I learnt the art of pickling, making large meals and freezing for when we were busy with the sheep, kangaroos, emu, ducks, pigeons, horse, cows, chickens and the Rooster. (I did not like one of the roosters he used to chase me. One day I dropped a whole bucket of eggs to get away from him. I did not have boiled egg & soldiers the next day LOL). I have been lucky enough to turn my cooking ability into a lifestyle career creating soy candles, bath & body products.

My Nan & Pop were big on gardening and had Mint, Parsley, Roses, Lavender, Cactus, Aloe Vera, Geraniums, Carnations and many more. Rising early to greet the day has been something I do every day, and embracing the wonderful world we live in.

Nan & Pop taught me to use lots of herbs and plants in the garden for herbal remedies – Aloe Vera leaves for burns and the juice to give nutrients to the body; Parsley for bad breathe; a does of Caster oil for good measure or a mashed Banana in your hair to make it shine. Some of these I have used on my own children and they were not real pleased. Talking about my children, both have sensitive to the skin or stomach or love to be pampered. This is why I also went on my journey in August 2006; I saw a niche in the market for natural, unscented but coloured bath & body products. My journey with Goat’s milk products & soy wax started. I create the soaps in many moulds and use clays & vegetable colours to create variety, but no scent as it is usually the scented products that upset my child’s skin.

I started out making soaps just for my immediate family.  I used Goat’s milk and found that with a combination of a few other oils like Coconut or Cocoa Butter I could make a range of products for my family that was good for their skin.Then work spread and I started creating soaps for extended family, friends & customers were born. While I was doing research on the net I saw that Soy Candles was a new candle. I gave that a try too and loved the feel, look and 60% less soot emissions of the candle. I used to put colours in the candles but now am just natural with essential oils and let the aromas spread the love of Outback Aromas themself.  At the time being Sole parent for the past 10 years being able to help my girls and many other with my products was a real achievement and being paid for what I was starting to really enjoy doing. I still get many people saying your so lucky with what you do. Its being a really great ride but has had many obstacles which us as a family have tackled. I have learned  that the issues put in our path are like auditions to another path that may open to you if you just try to open the door to the universe.

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O’Donnell Girls




The business grew from there, first as a part time business, and then, in 2008, I quit my job and started to operate my business on a full time basis.

Now the business is a thriving business.  My main focus is now to create a product that is a natural alternative to what is already on the market, educating people to look at what they are putting on their skin, and I also focus on excellent customer service. My ultimate goal is to become a wholesale supplier of products to distributors and retailers.

Due to the increase of customers I was asked to start workshops and share the art of my skills. This has been going on for the past 5 years with great success. Our school holiday programme is now booked in advance and attracts up to 20 kids per class. I have travelled to Kalannie, Bencubbin, Narembeen, Westonia, Kellerberrin, Bruce Rock & Merredin for the school holiday programme. I have been to Geraldton, New Norcia, Kalgoorlie, Westonia, Merredin, and Nungarin for Adult workshops.  I love the art of creating and watching a class walk in and being a bit overwhelmed with all the equipment and instructions of a class. Half way through the workshop you see the light bulb effect go off in each individual student as they realise that they can create a product. By the end of the class there is laughter, smiles, colours, aromas and pride in what they have achieved. “Parent always drops the kids off & goes good luck.” I love the creativity mess that creative minds create and watch them shine.

Although Outback Aromas have done many workshops before, Tracy is always looking at ways to make these workshops more specific for different groups.  Outback Aromas has been involved in doing workshops for the Global Good Foundation Kids Holiday program and Tracy has also been involved with Lifeline, Peter Hughes Burns Unit, Franc Essentials, Boobalicious Ball (Breast Cancer Fundraising) with Ros Worthington and also with Love Angels who does fundraising for the Bali Twins.

Tenille Bentley & Outback Aromas Girls

Tenille Bentley & Outback Aromas Girls







RecommendationDear Tracy, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Tenille Bentley GAICD
Managing Director Socialite Media | Chairman of The Global Good Foundation | Key Note Speaker | Social Media Specialist

Tracy is an amazing, dynamic, energetic and inspirational woman. She was so generous to support The Global Good Foundation Gala Ball by providing 400 candles and we hope we can repay her generosity through referrals and support. We always tell people about her amazing candles we love them and are proud to be associated with her.

Melissa Howie,                      Fundraising & Marketing Coordinator, Lifeline WA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy O’Donnell on a few occasions during my time at Lifeline WA. She has volunteered at many of our fundraising events and is consistently a pleasure to have on the team. Her enthusiasm, passion, efficiency and general sense of humour is second to none and we wish we could replicate her 100 times over!

Tracy has also donated some of her Outback Aromas products to Lifeline WA for prizes, auction items etc. They are unique and extremely well crafted products which she has personalised for our events accordingly. Tracy, and Outback Aromas, is a pleasure to know.”

Chantal Vanderhaeghen
MD Franc Essential | Natural Skin Care Specialist | Friends of Franc Manager

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Tracey. I have known Tracey for a couple of years now and have always found her to be friendly, helpful and above all passionate about her candles. I enjoy dealing with Tracey both professionally and personally as she makes the time to chat to you and to get to know who you are and what your needs are so she can work out what is best your for your business. This is service I appreciate. With this comes the fact that she does what she promises as I am running a fulltime business and like to know I can rely on my suppliers to ease my day. Thank you, Tracey

Outback Aromas Story

Outback Aromas is a family owned and operated business located in Merredin, in the heart of the Central Wheatbelt. The owner Tracy hand makes beautiful and environmentally friendly and vegan soy candles and luscious natural goat’s soaps created from a range of skin friendly bases. Tracy continues to source quality ingredients and aspires to use local aromas in the candle making process, making outback aromas a truly localised business.

Outback aromas have been seen at many locations around the wheatbelt and most weekends are spent doing road trips too many markets, show days and extravaganzas all over the countryside.

Tracy and the team love to get out of the workshop and meet people and spread the wonderful Outback Aromas fragrances all across the countryside.

Having taught herself the art of these crafts Tracy is continually experimenting and adding new and exciting fragrances to her candles. She creates labels and designs to personalize her candles and soaps and can create beautiful individual candles that are ideal for gifts, wedding bonbonerie, business marketing or just something for your own home to inspire you to relax and enjoy the wonderful aromas.

Outback Aromas now incorporates all of unique range of their premium products into pamper packs. Take the time to recharge, heal and balance the body. Utilising aromatherapy in our soy candles, which changes into a combination of a hot massage from the wax of the candle. Blending the earthy scents of the outback to ground the spirit.

Utilising the means of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Four square and her blogs – today.) Tracy is able to contact anyone in the world to promote, inspire and give a light when times maybe dark with her unique 100% soy candles.

Social Media has also been another learning curve that has been very useful while living in the Wheatbelt but can be challenging at times with the Internet. I have met some amazing people through social media and shared many stories and products with them. I am a big feeler of emotions with people and my surroundings. I hear what people say and the emotions behind them. As I do live in a wonderful community of people that help each other out I like to hear what they do need in their own lives.

Listen, chat and enlighten someone’s way today, share the love with Outback Aromas.

I have been able to help many people through our products, workshops, markets, and product knowledge and customer service. One of my proudest moments with the business is when we received a call from a family on the other side of Australia. Asking about our memorial lanterns. After a few chats, tears and laughs the family ordered 7 lantern & soy candles. What I found so amazing is they allowed us to help them through a hard time and share their loved one’s image for a while in the workshop. Allowing us to see an insight of their hearts of their loved ones and the angel touch our heart every one of us in the workshop. They made us better people and I thank you. Having this must trust and helping someone else is a wonderful gift. Our client was really happy and this is what makes part of our business all that more important. Memorial candles are very important to our business and we take care with all our clients.

Share the love to toady with your loved ones & Outback Aromas.



Outback Aromas & TracyO’Donnell have been nominated for Telstra Business Awards 3 yrs running since 2010 – 2014.

Outback Aromas was nominated for Small Biz Awards Central Wheatbelt & Won the Home Based Business Award in 2012, Nominate for 2013 & 2014 .

Tracy was nominated for the Merredin & Community Awards in 2011







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