Tracy’s Story

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Welcome to Outback Aromas, a journey of my lifetime.

Through many years of perfecting my craft I have created many Organic, natural, healing products that have uplifted the soul in times of need. I have travelled the countryside giving motivational speeches to many, inspiring them to take up the challenge and go chase that rainbow. Conducted many classes to adults and children and in return have seen many creations and the smiles on their faces each time. Aromas blending with  the endorphins creating laughter and smiles all around.

I create gift boxes, scented nails, inspiring motivational classes and soy candles.


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I quit my Government job in the middle of the GFC and built a lifestyle for my children and survived to this day. I had a mortgage and 2 kids to look after. If the Passion & drive is there anything can happen. Build your wings on the way down and shine.
I was a single mum that wanted to do more than my full time job had a 4 & 6 year old children to care for and nurture. Little did I know that I would nurture my children in a whole new world and they have thrived and become beautiful loving caring intelligent young people of this planet.

Right back to the story, I would pack up “Jaffa”, our little car with goodies and travel around the countryside with my girls packed in the middle. From this I did see a niche in the market and decide to crave my own road with whatever the obstacle was in my way. I have learnt to climb, fall, dust myself off and look at all types of critics and take on board all the wonderful praise that has come our way.

My creations have travelled the world from Ireland, England, Sri Lanka, Italy, New Zealand and all parts of Australia. I have being able to met the most inspiring people on the way and learnt that if you put yourself out on the ledge and take the leap of faith you will find your wings on the way down but also on the way (if you allow they) people will help you along the way.
I love the idea a hand crafted creation from our workshop travels the world and bring joy to millions around the world.

Please enjoy Outback Aromas’ world of natural, organic, and healing products.