Universal changes through my life.

fruit-vegetablesHi guys,

I have been asked many times to tell my journey that the universe has planned for me. My journey changed on the 30th of December 2014. I was sitting on the lounge with my partner, we had just decided to have some fruit cake and custard while watching a movie. It’s was 9pm, I have these times engrained into my brain. I took the first bite and it tasted a little strong and tingled my tongue, like it was too hot. So I went and got a cold glass of water. 5 mins later my tongue is on fire and am coughing to clear my throat. As I have been allergic to Pineapple in the past, (the fruit cake had no pineapple in it, I rang the company a week later. You can never be too certain). I went for my steroid tablet. Remaining calm and waited a few moments. My breathing changed and I advised my partner that it had not improved, let’s go to the hospital to get it checked out. We left to go to hospital, which is 6 mins away. By the time we were at the hospital my heart rate was up and breathing was getting hard to do. We rushed into the hospital and tried to talk, I was so lucky living in a country town the staff could see I was not myself and rushed me through. Oxygen, epi pen given and quick monitoring by great staff. I was lucky that the doctor was near the hospital and was there to assist and monitor my progress.

My heartrate was still racing, lips, face, throat swelling another episode pen is given. Many questions are asked and monitored if you have no idea what happens in hospital when you have an anaphylaxis. An anaphylaxis is a priority 1-2, so the whole staff kind of keeping looking at you,when you turn up with these symptoms. Having no control over your body blowing up like the Michtellen woman. Is not a real party trick you want to do. Swelling face, restricted airway, high blood pressure, coughing, brain fog, headache. After 2 hours my vitals are finally stable after more medication, drips and more oxygen but guess what there is no going home as  my heartrate is still not good enough.

My partner has been here through the whole event waiting and watching all of this roll out. He sit quietly not believing what is going on but remains calm, He is my rock.

The doctor has stabilised me and now my partner helps me to the ward with the staff. Who would have through that a  quite night in would become an romantic night in hospital. We can all look back on this night and give thanks that I am alive and breathing. I give thanks to the wonderful staff at the Merredin hospital and my loving family. I spent the night in the hospital left the next day and travelled to Perth for the New Years Eve celebrations.

I watched everyone from the lounge as it took me 3 days for the full body swelling to go down. My New Years resolution was to enjoy life, be happy to be breathing and love everyone. This is the first part of my journey, a life changing one.

My jouney with allergists, Neurologist, dietician, doctors, autoimmune specialist.