Warm or cold diffusers?

Sonic differs

Sonic differs

JUNE 22, 2015

A discussion has sparked over the differences and benefits of a cold-mist ultrasonic vaporiser versus a warm-mist. The distinction between the two lies within the type of vapour they emit, as the cold-air vapour is produced by the vibrations of water to create the cool mist (ultrasonic technology). Conversely, the warm-air vaporiser involves the heating of water until it reaches boiling point to create a warm steam. Both types serve the function of producing moisture in the air and in turn, assisting in the alleviation of symptoms accompanying allergies, asthma, colds and flu. When choosing to purchase a vaporiser, the benefits of each type must be weighed up against one another to determine which one will benefit your family the most.

Naturally, the fundamental benefit of the cold-air ultrasonic vaporiser is the lack of heating element. There is the risk of children and babies being burnt if they stray too close to a warm-air vaporiser as it is contains hot water, and hence reduces the safety factor.

Secondly, the ultrasonic vaporiser does not cause condensation, and thus does not lead to the formation of mould/bacteria. The heating element of warm-mist vaporisers creates condensation which can potentially becoming a breeding ground for mould and other bacteria if there is a lack of ventilation in the room. There has been media controversy recently surrounding the dangers mould can pose to your health without even being aware that it is present. Adverse health effects include asthma, bronchitis, cold and flu-like symptoms and hay fever, which hence counter-acts the function of a vaporiser (Nicole Bijlsma, Body + Soul May 2015). An ultrasonic vaporiser does not pose this potential hazard due to the absence of the heating element.

As a result of the benefits supplied by cold-air ultrasonic vaporisers, they are becoming more popular for use within the home and around children. They are devoid of the safety risks which warm-mist vaporisers present, and generally benefit the health and wellbeing of every family member.

Here are the health/safety benefits of the multi-functional ultrasonic vaporiser:

Air Purifier
Aroma Diffuser
Night Lamp
Experience essential oils in their purist form
Automatic safety switch off
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